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I recently found myself asking the question: how do I find the time to exercise if I have to drop my daughter off at childcare and commute...
4:22 pm

The Way of Things

Hi all. I haven't been writing in a long time, I know. As much as I had made the pledge to not let life get in the way of thin...
2:36 pm


25 th June. A seemingly nondescript day to most people. Less so to me. Let’s recap some of the more eventful things that have happened in...
9:29 pm

The Odyssey

Fourteen years ago, on 25th February 2002, I enlisted as a recruit in the Singapore Armed Forces. Needless to say, it was not an easy ...
12:04 pm

To Sir, With Love

Dear Sir, Please accept this gift It's all that I can get for you I wish I could get you more For you deserve far more than thi...
10:53 pm

The Bookworm Gang

I recently came across a person who was selling off Bookworm Short Stories books at the absurdly-cheap price of $5 for a set of 5. In ...
11:14 pm
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