Friday, January 09, 2015

Social Media Responsibility

News just in: a radiographer at Tan Tock Seng Hospital has just been dismissed from his job for some damaging comments he made on his Facebook and Google+ pages.

Source: TTSH's Facebook Page 

I'm not going to comment on the posts that he made, for I believe that has already been discussed at length elsewhere. Rather, I'm just going to throw in my two cents on proper social media responsibility.

If I had to sum up proper social media etiquette, it would be this: 'Don't say the things that you know are going to have lots of people turn against you'. Some may say that goes against the fabric of freedom of speech. What I have to say is that freedom of speech also requires that one is able to use it in a responsible manner. It's just like how one should never yell out 'Fire!' in a crowded theatre and cause a stampede..... unless, of course, the theatre really is on fire.

Frankly, one would have thought that everyone had learnt from the experiences of people like Amy Cheong and Anton Casey who lost their jobs after finding themselves at the wrong side of a social media backlash. But apparently, such lessons have yet to be filtered down to everyone.

What I have to say is this: if you're not sure about what you really should be saying on social media, then the really safe thing to do is to simply limit what you say to simple, everyday things that don't court much controversy. Like that really good steak you had for lunch. Or the fact that you just ran a full marathon.

Or you could just write short, rhymeless Japanese-style poems.

That's not to say that one should be completely docile and subservient to others in cyberspace. Social media, when properly engaged, can be a force for good. 

It's just that one should remember that as with real life, should you step on too many toes, you can probably expect a rather swift kick to the derriere in time to come. 

The only difference, really, is that the Internet is a place where one can really step on lots and lots of toes in a surprisingly short amount of time. Likewise, the said kick to the derriere could correspondingly come just as fast. 

Consider the aforementioned Amy Cheong, for instance. She went from writing a Facebook post on a rather loud wedding on Sunday afternoon to being out of a job by lunchtime on Monday.


Ed Bello's experience was somewhat more protracted, but the chain of events leading to his dismissal could still be characterized as fast and furious.

So what I have to say is this: treat the Internet as how you would treat real life. If you're not going to stand on a soapbox in the middle of Orchard Road and say out loud the things that would offend others, then you probably shouldn't be doing that either on the Web.

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Sunday, January 04, 2015

(Nearly) Got Fleeced

On the night of 31st December 2014, I was awoken by a series of SMSes from DBS Bank:

Details pixellated out for obvious reasons.

After a few minutes of gazing at my phone in a half-dazed state: it dawned on me what was going on: The details of one of my (already expired) debit cards had been leaked, and some unscrupulous individuals were trying out the details with small and hopefully unnoticeable transactions.

Too bad for them that I noticed the transactions.

I called up DBS and managed to get the guy on night shift to cancel my current debit card which shared the same card number (but with a different security code and expiry date). There were no indications that that particular card had been compromised, but this was not the time to take any chances.

I would thus like to urge everyone to check their bank statements regularly in case of any such odd transactions. They are highly indicative that some filthy scum out there are out to get your hard-earned money.
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


31st December.

I suppose this would be a good time to come up with resolutions, but we all know what happens when you come up with grandiose resolutions which fizzle out before the end of January.

So I'm going to try to come up with resolutions the SMART way. SMART meaning:


I guess these terms are all self-explanatory.

I won't really be sharing my resolutions here. But I know what they are. And that's all that really matter.
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Central Core

Hi, everyone.

Just a couple of random thoughts for the day.

Sometimes I wonder whether I've forgotten what it's like to be me.

Though I do wonder what is it really like to be me. After all, a person's character and personality is by no means completely static. Over the years I've seen and done things that have changed me, for better or for worse.

If I were to take half a lifetime ago (1999) as a reference, it's not too difficult to see how much I've changed. I'm pretty sure the same goes for the most of us here.

At the same time, though, there is a core, central part of me that remains the same throughout. Something that a lifetime of experiences and lessons can never truly alter. I do wonder about that core part of me. Have I lost touch with it? Has it changed over the years.

And actually..... does it really matter?

Random thoughts. Disjointed random thoughts, as a matter of fact.

Never mind.
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Welcome to the Web of Fudge

Hi everyone,

I've been thinking.

I've been thinking about thinking.

I've been thinking about thinking about think-..... oh wait, I'll stop myself right there.

The Web of Fudge has been my personal blog started in March 2004, in the last days of my National Service Full-time liability. After my final ATEC mission in Thailand, I found myself having a fair amount of time on my hands, and I decided that writing a blog would probably be a pretty neat thing to do.

The years passed. 

I got out of the army.
I entered university. 
I got a girlfriend. 
I got my B.Eng (Hons). 
I married my girlfriend. 
I got my PhD. 
I started work. 

Somewhere along the way, The Web of Fudge became more and more neglected. Eventually I gave up on it altogether, seeing it as not much more than a fool's errand.

I did try to revive it over the past couple of years. The key word here is 'tried'. Somehow I just couldn't find the energy, time, or passion to write as much as I used to. 

And boy, did I used to write. I used to write about all sorts of things. 

I wrote about my two cents' worth on current issues. Social, economic, you name it, I wrote it.
I wrote about my life. What I did. What I had to eat. What I experienced.

I never really did reach the dizzying heights of Mr Brown or Kenny Sia. But I like to think that I had my own little dedicated fanbase. Even if that said fanbase consisted mainly of family or friends.

After some thought (hence that seemingly disjointed string of sentences at the beginning of this post), I decided that it's about time that I got back to my roots. It's time I got back to writing posts and putting them on this blog.

It won't be the same as before. Nothing ever will be. I'm 31 now, and I'll be hitting 32 in a few months' time. This will be a far cry from when I was 21 or 22 years old, with less money in my pocket but with fewer responsibilities on my shoulders. 

But no one said that I can't try. 

So my resolution is simple: I'll be writing on post a week for the whole of next year. Even if it means that I write nothing more than 'nothing to report'. Yes, 'nothing to report' still counts as a post, even if it's no more than just three words.

So.... here's looking forward to a good 2015.

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